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Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry implies the simplest tooth repair (removal of tooth caries). Work with high-aesthetic composite materials, for making a filling ("white tooth filling"), provide an extremely authentic reconstruction of the shape and colour of tooth. Composite materials ("white tooth filling"), used in our office contain a chameleon effect that allows complete adjustment to the natural colour of the tooth, making the filling invisible. The latest nano-hide technology of ceramic particles, which are the basis of composite filling, provides an extraordinary strength to fillings.

Dental dentistry that deals with tooth healing is called endodontics. Essentially, it deals with the treatment of pathological processes of the tooth pulp located in the center of the tooth, which gives the tooth vitality by supplying it with blood vessels and nerves. Due to the penetration of bacteria and their toxins inside the teeth (mostly due to untreated caries or dental trauma), inflammation of pulp occurs, which often results in severe pain. Sometimes, pulp tissue deterioration can be gradual and painless, due to the slow progression of inflammation. In such cases, it is most often necessary to have endodontic treatment, which includes: removal of infected pulp, cleaning and spreading root canals (with special instruments), disinfection and obturatio, hermetic sealing of the canal and filling of teeth.